Shorten.REST vs. Clkim

Clickim is a service focused more on making ads, monetizing links, and social media marketing than just shortening them. It is a service that costs you money (a lot of it) to make money. Because of this, there are certain features that are either not included, or not desired, such as:

clkim focuses heavily on link monetization

If you are not interested in turning links into popups and ads, this entire feature is irrelevant.


Features that come with Shorten.REST free plans, like the UTM builder, can only be accessed starting at Clkim's $70/month plan.

CLKim offers limited pixel integration and api capabilities

Shorten.REST has more Pixels ready to be installed on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

clkim has less domains available in their plans

Clikim is designed for marketers to focus on 1 domain, while Shorten.REST allows you to have up to 10.

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Shorten.REST vs. Clkim: A Quick Comparison

Feature Comparison Shorten.REST Clkim
Free Plan $0 N/A
Number of Clicks/Month Unlimited N/A
Number of Branded Links/Month Unlimited N/A
Number of Custom Domains 1 N/A
Meta Tags Unlimited N/A
API Calls/Second 3 N/A
Operating System Based Link Tracking Included N/A
Location-Based Link Tracking Included N/A
Deep Links Included N/A
UTM Builder Included N/A
SSL Certificate Included N/A
Guaranteed Uptime 99.99% N/A
Webhooks Included N/A
Startup vs. Optimize $95/Month $70/Month
Number of Clicks/Month Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Branded Links/Month Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Custom Domains 3 1
Meta Tags Unlimited Unlimited
API Calls/Second 10 ?
Operating System Based Link Tracking Included Included
Location-Based Link Tracking Included Included
Deep Links Included Included
UTM Builder Included Included
SSL Certificate Included N/A
Guaranteed Uptime 99.99% N/A
Webhooks Included Included

All Shorten.REST Plans Include

There are certain features that are non-negotiable, even if you’re on a free plan.
We know that.

Unlimited clicks.

Unlimited number of branded URLs.

UTM builder and unlimited meta tags.

Guaranteed 99.99% uptime for servers.

A free SSL certificate.

Click tracking by referrer, user agent, browser type, operating system, country (several more refined location-based features coming soon).

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It comes down to this: Who is a URL shortener made for?

Clkim is designed specifically to give non-developers the ability to make shortened, branded links, and then make money off of them.
Shorten.REST, however, was built by and for busy developers looking for a fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive way to create thousands of unique links for larger companies.

start generating links today, for free.

Developer Testimonials

Hear Capterra verified testimonials from developers using our link shortener services.

The first URL shorten service with API. I am amazed with the full range of API facilities.

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Md H.


There are many link shorteners on the market but Shorten have gone the extra mile by providing a bunch of extra developer-friendly features – like a Zapier integration and decent click tracking stats.

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Andrew D.

Managing Director
Computer Software

Works as advertised. URL shortening is something that we expect to be easy to set up, no hassle and that just works. Shorten.REST does that very well. We integrated it in a few hours in our software solution.

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Bart D.

Information Technology and Services

We literally set up Shorten.REST in less than an hour, live on functioning on our Esports Management platform.

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Reuven C.