Compare URL Shorteners

Discover the differences that make Shorten.REST the most advanced URL Shortener API.


Technically there are 1,000’s of free URL shortening scripts (vast majority are sub-par) and dozens of mediocre SaaS solutions you may be evaluating right now. With that in mind – we tried to summarize and compare Shorten.REST’s API to the most popular solutions out there.

If you would like to see a comparison chart between Shorten.REST and another service – click on any of the titles below. If you are a busy coder that just wants the bottom line – we added a sentence about each service we compare ourselves to. Hopefully you will feel like we “nailed it”.

Shorten VS Bitly

Bitly is a fine solution for free GUI users or big Enterprise businesses that are willing to spend and arm and leg for a limited URL shortener just to say they are working with a familiar brand. Trying to setup an Enterprise account may take you several weeks due to their long (forced) sales process.

Shorten VS

Unfortunately has been depreciated since mid 2018. It used to be the go-to solution (100% FREE!) loved by many developers. Google got the analytics experiment they were after, transitioned the service to be include within their new Firebase product and killed the free service – URL Shortening market is not big / interesting enough for Google…
As the old sayings go- there is no such thing as free lunch + nothing (free) lasts forever.

Shorten VS Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a fine solution for SMB’s and GUI users looking for a branded URL shortening solution. Pricing may grow quickly due to the nature of their business model.


YOURLS is a fine solution for those looking to tinker and maintain a URL shortener. If you have time to set it up and maintain it on a regular basis – take it for a ride. Just make sure you are a true Jedi master of PHP and your DEVOPS skills are unmatched.