Introducing Shorten.REST Tableau Connector

Shorten.REST Tableau Connector is a Web Data connector that allows Shorten.REST users to pipe their data from Shorten.REST to Tableau in order to visualize & study their data. By using our first party connector you will be able to automatically import your data into Tableau.

How the Shorten.REST Tableau connector works

The connector works as an intermediate layer between Shorten.REST and Tableau. It will verify your account via your API KEY and then fetch all clicks in your account storing them on Tableau. After your click data is stored in Tableau you will be able to easily manipulate, visualize, and analyze your data.

Data Refreshes

Shorten.REST connector supports two types of data refreshes, first one is Full refresh which will refresh the entire data extract stored in tableau. The second type is incremental refresh: the connector will pull and retrieve new records from where you left off with the data in tableau which can greatly reduce the time required to download the data.


In order to use this connector you should have a Shorten.REST account. If you don’t have one already go to and create your account. Also in order to follow the steps in this post you should have a Tableau desktop application. You can get it from Tableau site

How to use Shorten.REST connector

We’ve outlined the three steps you needed in detail to get started with the shorten.REST connector. For the purposes of this post, we’ll assume you’ve already installed the Tableau desktop application and created your account in Shorten.REST.

Step 1: Lunch Shorten.REST connector in Tableau desktop

Once you’ve opened the Tableau Desktop application, you will see the welcome screen:

We are going to use the Web Data Connector in the To a Server section at the left side of the screen to lunch Shorten.REST connector. If you don’t find the Web Data connector in To a Server section please click on More then at the end of the list you can see it. See the picture below:

Once you click on Web Data Connector this window will prompt:

As it shows in the picture you need to enter Shorten.REST Web Connector URL: , just copy this url and paste it in the Web Data Connector Window. Once you did that you will lunch Shorten.REST web connector:

Now you need your API key to authorize yourself in order to get your data.

Step 2: Get your API KEY from your Shorten.REST account

In order to get your API KEY you need to sign in, go to and log in to your account. Once you’ve logged in to your account, you’ll be directed to your Shorten.REST dashboard:

Next, copy your API key from the Settings tab of your Shorten.REST dashboard:

Step 3: Get your clicks 

Go back to tableau and paste your API key then click authorize to start the authorization process. After authorization process finished and succeed you will see the get clicks button by now:

By pressing the Get clicks button the connector will start the configuration process with tableau. By the end of this process tableau will move you to the data source page to see all the tables you have and the schema of each table. Like the picture below:

Congratulations! Now you are ready to start working with your data by going to the worksheet or you can see your table data in the Data source page by clicking Update Now.

Do you have any questions about Shorten.REST Tableau Connector? Let us know in the comments section below!

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