The Shorten.REST URL Shortener Chrome Extension: Shorten URLs Without Leaving Your Destination Page

When you have a prepared page or post you’d like to produce a shortened URL for, you used to have to log onto your Shorten.REST account and go through the process of generating this short URL.

However, with the Shorten.REST Chrome extension, you can generate a shortened URL for your destination page without having to navigate away from the page.

It’s a faster, easier way to create shortened URLs, and make sure those URLs are going to the intended destination page.

Before getting into the nuts and bolts of this extension, we might add: This feature is available for all subscription plans, so anyone can take advantage of this new feature.

The extension is set up with all the functionalities that you get within the app, including:

  • the ability to create your short URL and add a custom vanity URL after your domain name (therefore removing the random string of number you usually see at the end of shortened URLs)
  • add UTMs to any URL you’re in the process of shortening from the extension
  • add link tracking and retargeting Pixels to any URL you’re in the process of shortening from the extension
  • search and edit your existing URLs
A visual demo installation and usage.

For a detailed walkthrough of the entire installation process and usage of the Shorten.REST Chrome extension, click here.

To head straight to the installation page, click here.

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